How Safe is Faceit Boosting?

The craze for competitive games keeps increasing day by day. Every player wants to have a higher level than their friends and other players. Few opt for cheating hacks and get higher ranks and eventually get banned. But there is a way to reach higher levels all legally. There is no cheating in this method. If you are so curious to increase your game ranking in legit ways, then Faceit is right for you. You can either give your account details to the service provider or you can play with a booster in the same lobby as yours. Most people fear that using boosters will get your account banned. But that is not true. Below are the reasons that explain why Faceit is not dangerous.

How to use boosting?

Faceit boosting can be done in two ways as already said. You can either give your details to the booster and professional players will play instead of you in your account. Once your desired rank is reached, they will close your order and return your account. They will not steal your data as their reputation means a lot to them than your account details. Another way is playing with the booster in the lobby. In both ways, the booster will help you to get higher ranks in all possible legit ways. There is no bot-based system with these boosters and the player guarantees 2-3 rank-ups every day. So, you will easily get your desired rank.

How to Safeguard Your Account?

If you allow the boosters to handle your account, make sure to change your account’s password before giving them your account details. And also keep in mind to change your account’s password again after their return. Make sure to log out of all your devices once you get back to your account. Whatever it be, the booster will never try to steal your account information or sell your items in the inventory or anything similar. They know it will spoil their reputation as you will provide the proof and can raise complaints against them. So, it is completely safe to use boosters to increase your game rankings when you follow all the protective measures.